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Originally Posted by bluesilver View Post
The only issue with planets that are letting me down and this could just be my setup / collimation, i am using the laser collimation tool for this.
Adjust the secondary mirror until red dot is in centre of primary, then adjust primary until red dot disperses in middle of collamination tool, back to secondary and make sure it is in centre of primary.

When i view Jupiter, i can't quiet get a good clear image, slightly fuzzy, but can see the moons around it as stars.
With Saturn, it is a little fuzzy and although i can see the rings, i can't really see the individual rings.

I hope that explains things a little better and really do appreciate all the advice, especially if i am heading of in the wrong direction completely like it sounds like i could possibly be.

So was mainly hoping to get a better crisper cleaner and if possible, slightly larger image of planets.
I wouldn’t rule out collimation errors, high magnification planetary will really show up any errors. Have you tried barlowing your laser?

Other than that, it sounds like fickle seeing. Up here in Brisbane, the nights with good enough seeing for nicely detailed planets are few and far between. Unfortunately, forecasting of seeing is somewhat haphazard.

The only way to ascertain if this is contributing is to check regularly, both on the same night and on multiple nights. Some nights will be better than others and on those nights more details will be available. Dial up the magnification and see what happens. If all it does is to increase the size of the blurry view, then the seeing isn’t up to it!
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