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Hi Scott, the setting circle I got it off Cloudy Nights.

I had to use the circle done by "natdiamond" as he did a reversed version to go onto the top base plate rather then the bottom base plate. I wasn't interested in cutting a viewing notch or hole into the scope so opted to put it on the top base plate.

It's for a 12inch base plate, so I had to scale it down on my printer. Printed onto A4 in sections, laminated, cut them out and taped them together.

This also means I don't need to align the scope to North, as I have a movable indicator, I can just find my object, get its coordinates and plonk the indicator on that azimuth degree. I clip the indicator to the bottom base plate. I can get a pic if you want.

The little circular thing is just a bulls eye bubble level.

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