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I just read your original post asking for help
Your obviously connected to your mount and camera with your laptop
Donít use EQMOD for your alignment viewing , use a capture software like Sharpcap or APT set on live view so you can see the alignment Star in real time and be able to zoom in on it for more accurate alignment. I use APT and it has a crosshair for Star alignment and a zoom in for accuracy
I still strongly recommend you use the Syncan handcontroller ( with polar alignment routine ) to firstly Star align followed by Polar alignment ) and Sharpcap or APT and your camera to get you alignment first and foremost. Then you can connect EQMOD and Stellarium and start Goto and navigation.

From the start
Set tripod to true south
Level tripod
Fit mount head
Set mount head to home position
Fit counterweights
Fit telescope and all equipment
Balance telescope
Set back to home position
Start Synscan polar alignment routine ( use Sharpcap or APT with laptop and camera on live view)
Polar aligned and back to home position
Connect EQMOD and Stellarium
Goto and navigate using Sharpcap or APT on live view with laptop and camera )

Remember even if your polar aligned , EQMOD and Stellarium may not centre your star or object perfectly, it may still be a 10 to 50 arc minutes out . Syncing stars close to your object then tightens your pointing model to improve accuracy accuracy

Hope the above helps

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