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Firstly donít use a planet to align with use a bright star , more accurate
Important!!! You must be polar aligned before you use EQMOD and Stellarium to navigate otherwise your mount wonít know where itís going, even after a Sync point , you could be 3 or 4 degrees out of polar alignment which too much for EQMOD and Stellarium to create an accurate pointing model
Secondly what are you using to observe your alignment ? An eye piece ? Your laptop with capture software on live view ?
Thirdly you canít rely on the Stellarium or CDC display to align the night sky , you have to align using stars in a centering eye piece or capture software on your laptop screen with your imaging camera
Fourthly , use the latest Stellarium 0.20.3 as its Ascom compliant now , you donít need StellariumScope as a driver anymore , I switched across 2 weeks ago and works perfect with EQMOD ( I have a procedure for this ) you can use the same cable )
Finally, give the Syncan handcontroller method I sent you a try , it star aligns an polar aligns perfectly
Then you can use EQMOD and Stellarium

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