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EQMOD star alignment problem

Hi there,
This is my third-time try for star alignment for my HEQ5 via ASCOM and EQMOD.
I am very frustrated because of the failure of this very beginning.

Here is what I do, I successfully connect my mount to EQMOD with the correct location, and the mount is in the home position and face to the north. Then I start CDC (also tried Stellarium) and connect to my mount, (double-checked the location is the same) and slew to Jupiter, but the mount always slew to the opposite way to the Jupiter (i.e. Jupiter is in the west, but the telescope point to east).

Thus, I used EQMOD to correct the telescope to point to the real Jupiter position and try to sync, here is the issue "The ASCOM driver reports an error: SyncToTarget() RaDec sync was rejected" (in both CDC and Stellarium) - I think the problem here is the real position of Jupiter is more than 15 degree from the wrong position, but I can not find the reason why it always points to the opposite position to the real position.

Anyone experiences this situation? and can give any advice?
Really appreciated!

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