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Get a dim flashlight - either with low battery power, or put a few layers of insulation tape over it to dim it down.

Set date and time on the planisphere, walk outside, and face south. Hold the planisphere over your head with the south part of the planisphere pointing south, and aim your flashlight at it.

Find the Southern Cross and Pointers on the planisphere, and match them up to the Southern Cross and Pointers in the sky. Start learning the major stars and constellations in that part of the sky by matching the planisphere to the sky.

Later, face north. Then do the same with whichever brights stars or bright constellation you see.

Though you might get thrown by planets. Look up planet rise time for Jupiter say, set that time on the planisphere, and you will know that Jupiter's position will be somewhere either side of the line marked as ecliptic on the side of the planisphere.
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