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My procedure for cleaning mirrors

Donít touch mirror with fingers or hands !!!

Run warm water from tap at about half and hold mirror over sink to let water wash off surface dust ( a minute or 2 )
Then apply a small drop of plain dishwashing liquid ( not lemon or fragrance but plain ) on a wet cotton ball and start at the centre of the mirror ( not on the centre donut mark ) with light finger pressure and wipe in a circular motion from centre of mirror to outside whilst tap is running drops of warm water
Once done, wash off mirror in warm water again from running tap and inspect mirror under good light or daylight near a window to check surface is clean. If not, repeat once more only
Then pour a decent amount of distilled water ( 1 litre ) with the mirror tilted at a 45 degree angle and leave tilted at 45 degrees to allow drips to run off
Any remaining drip marks on mirror can be removed using a Q tip or cotton tip by carefully touching the drip ( but not touch the mirror if possible ) You may need a few Q tips as they will only remove drips if new or dry , not reused

Leave mirror to completely dry indoors ( 1 hour or more depending on conditions) and re install in Scope

Hope the above is helpful
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