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Thanks for the replies,
Sorry i left a lot of the details out, sorry about that.
I am using a Astrozap shroud over it, it stays on all the time, only undo the bottom of the shroud to take off the plastic tube cover each time before i take it out and then it goes back on as soon as i pack up for the night.
There is a little dust on the primary mirror as it lives in a workshop at home.
The night was cool, around 0 degrees or maybe just hitting -1. ( it gets cold quick here)
Just had a look, There is no real marks or anything on the mirror now, mainly just light dust.

The only thing i didn't check was the secondary last night.

But thinking it could be good to clean the primary, easy enough to get out once you get the tube off the mount and upside down.

What is the best way of cleaning them, just warm water. clean hands and lightly rubbing the mirror, then rinse of with distilled water?
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