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I should put that differently, effective resolution for broadly the same other conditions such as sampling and seeing.

Per my other thread I still see myself going mono eventually, but this one is more specifically about the actual pixel size of the IMX294. Sony don't really categorically state it. They state that the "Unit size" is 4.63um, but previous reading suggested that the "Unit" was the RGGB block, which is actually a matrix of RGGB but with each of those being a 2X2 binned block of four pixels of each colour!

What I was trying to confirm more than anything else is my current thinking which is that the 4.63um "Pixel" size refers to the 2X2 binned block of each colour. Something to allow apples to be compared with apples.

The oddball factor of this camera is that you can (Software) bin it but retain a colour image, which was one of the reasons I though that the 4.63um referring to the RGGB "Super pixel" might have been right.
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