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Originally Posted by alistairsam View Post
As Stuart suggested, I'd strongly recommend looking at an OAG for the focal length you'd be imaging at.
I'd probably lean toward an OAG, the community seems quite divided on them. Personally I think it makes sense, but it concerns me I've read others rubbish the idea.

Also look at getting a sensitive guide cam. the lodestar or the qhy5L-2.
I've gone from guidescopes to OAG and the difference is remarkable. But there are threads here where the results have been the opposite for some. so I'd suggest a read through.
I've considered the Synguider Camera which I believe should eliminate the need for using the PC for guiding.

Also look at issues posted here with the Orion CCD. I believe there were some cooling issues, but could've been a manufacturing defect.
finally, what are you planning to image, nebulae, planets, galaxies?
I'll mostly want to be imaging galaxies and nebulae.

Also for eyepieces, rather than getting multiple, I'd suggest spending the money on a few renowned ones at select focal lengths. the difference is amazing on the premium ones.
I have quite an array of eyepieces already, Nagler, Bresser and Baader. I was simply thinking of getting the full set of HD 5000 series to complement the Meade scope.
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