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Hi Rez,

As Stuart suggested, I'd strongly recommend looking at an OAG for the focal length you'd be imaging at.
Its quite difficult to eliminate non-differential flexure between the main scope and guide scope.
Also look at getting a sensitive guide cam. the lodestar or the qhy5L-2.
I've gone from guidescopes to OAG and the difference is remarkable. But there are threads here where the results have been the opposite for some. so I'd suggest a read through.
Also look at issues posted here with the Orion CCD. I believe there were some cooling issues, but could've been a manufacturing defect.
finally, what are you planning to image, nebulae, planets, galaxies?
Also for eyepieces, rather than getting multiple, I'd suggest spending the money on a few renowned ones at select focal lengths. the difference is amazing on the premium ones.
Not many get used below 9mm and over 40mm.
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