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Sorry if it sounded like I was rubbishing Star Hopping, I wasn't. Its just that these days we seem to have less time on our hands than in years gone bye (didn't they say in the sixties that we would have very little work and huge amounts of leasure time come the turn of the century. But we are now work accessable 24/7) and I have star hopped since my father first taught me how in 1967 (6yrs old) untill now. I have so many demands on my time that I was no longer giving time to the sky and Argo Navis has given me my sky time back. So yes you do see more by star hoping and when I have time I will do it, but I will also take full advantage of new tech seeing how it was the other new tech that has stolen my life and family from me and allows my higher ups to contact me at night, the weekend and on holidays. AAAAAAGH! :-)

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