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Originally Posted by blink138 View Post
thanks for replying bill........ at the risk of sounding like a complete wally i have been told to download phd but dont know how to connect the lodestar prog. with the phd......sooo i didnt realise that just the lodestar programme couldnt do it by itself!
i tried the phd while the lodestar was running and clicked on the camera icon and chose the sxv but all i got was a black screen box with no stars visible
on the lodestar i could clearly see lots of stars on the screen...... but really dont know what i am doing in all honesty bill
Yep I use PHD - of course you've got to install the SVX drivers first - not that I think you're stupid, just to make sure - I used the one on the CD for my Win7 Pro 64bit and then downloaded the latest one off their website which worked alright

In PHD you need to select the SXV option for "Camera" and either use On-camera (if you're using the ST-4 port for guiding) or ASCOM (if you're using your G11 pulse guiding mode) in the "Mount" option at the top of the window, then click on the "camera" icon LH bottom corner and then the "telescope" icon and finally the "looped arrow" icon - after this you then click on any guide star you want and then click on the "flowery" icon and it will start calibration etc

Perhaps viewing this video by Craig Stark might help - it's somewhere half-way through that he steps thru using the PHD software

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