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Originally Posted by Endothermic View Post

Maybe it's just because it was a $500 Tasco reflector so was a cheap gem mount or something (maybe there was an actual flaw with it causing the slippage, just could never get it working so figured it was just me not being able to work a gem mount since i was young and had no idea what I was doing :s) either way the years trying to get it to work as eq over alt/az soiled my thoughts on gem mounts.
Sounds like the tube rings weren't the right size for the scope.
If your dead-set on an alt/az then the CPC-800 is decent at that price. Its competitor (Meade LX90 8") is similar in most respects but is a little more expensive from Bintel.
If you wanted to give an EQ mount a go again then for your budget, if you want a reflector, go with a a Skywatcher EQ6Pro + 10" Newtonian bundle (BD 254 x 1200 Newt. w/EQ6PRO package) will set you back $2399 from Andrews:
Just remember, if you want to do much photography then an EQ mount is much better. The alt/az mounts aren't very good at tracking very well, but are good for visual viewing.

Originally Posted by Endothermic View Post
Does dew become a problem quickly? I'd probably only be using it 30 - 60mins on any given night.
It does. Remember dew falls like rain, if your looking at items near the horizon then it will take longer to dew up than if you were looking straight up.
A dew shield is recommended, you will probably start to get dew at around 30min mark (depending on humidity).
A cheap dew shield will set you back $45 or so, more expensive ones are $100+ (they work better though).

Dew's main problem is that it fuzzies up your view and can leave marks on the glass if it contains dirt, meaning cleaning will be required.
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