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QHY 8 OSC + nebulosity advice

hi, have noted the thread below but have a different QHY 8 OSC question. Mine is the old type camera. I have it working with Neb 3 but would like to check the settings so I know I am getting the best out of it.
In Neb 3 I am acquiring in RAW, output is colour RGB FITS:maxim
processing menu in preferences is colour debayer (Demosaic)=VNG (which is the default I think)
All good so far?
In the camera dialogue I am choosing QHY 8 (not the QHY 8 pro),
gain is 1 with offset 130.

When it comes to processing I am adding my lights and darks and batch pre-processing with the calibration frames to come up with a Pproc.filename file.
These are then batch demosaic and square raw colour to debayer them.
Then the files are stacked (align and combine)
This is me thinking aloud so does anyone have any thoughts about if this is erroneous or just plain wrong?
I have only had one night with the camera so far and my initial mistake was I think capturing in the default acquisition Recon RGB which I have subsequently changed but haven't had any chance to see if this is correct.
Let me know if I am barking up the wrong gum tree!
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