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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
+1 to Baader. I have had no reflection issues with my 2" LRGB and hydrogen alpha set with my STL-11000M at f/5 or f/8 on the FSQ-106N.

The 16803 chip is more demanding of antireflection coatings than STL11.
Although having said that I did get smallish green halos on bright stars with Astrodon Gen 1 with STL11 which could be annoying at times.

But with the 16803, reflections become more of an issue. I am not 100% clear on why this is as STL11 requires scopes to have a flattener usually as does the 16803. But it definitely started this need for an antireflection coating on the filters that is now usual with the top brands.

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