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Thanks all for your replies. I have this sorted now. It is actually totally logical when you stoop to think about it, which means I didn't!

Harry, I would say though that it isn't made all that obvious in the tutorial videos that turning off STF before performing stretching and other functions is required.

I am absolutely loving Pixinsight and don't know how I managed with Iris for so long. I love the object-oriented nature of the program, along with its powerful (and actually easy to experiment with functions). I would have preferred the tutorial videos though to have been with a more common subject amongst imagers, by which I mean many will be using Pixinsight fir the first time with a basic M8, M20, M16 type of subject. I don't find that all the things shown in the videos work quite the same, or as easily with a nebula and a field teeming with stars of all magnitudes and colours. I am still a beginner at Pixinsight though and I haven't looked at all the help/videos available.

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