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Takahashi temma to QHY5 cabling Question

I have just got hold of a little EM10 to do some widefield nb from (with the weather I have take every opportuinty to grab data - lauigh)

Does anyone have any experience connecting a QHY5 or Orion autoguider to a tak temma mount. The standard tak autoguider cable has the standard SBIG serial type plug (which is fine when I use the ST11K) but when i use the ST8300 I have to use a guidescope with the little autoguider that takes a RJnn phone type plug.

Does anyone have any ideas re wiring of the cable from RJ plug to SBIG serial plug? I suspect it would be the same as the old cable you had to make to go from the ST4 box to a Losmandy mount.

Anyone have any experience or ideas?

Mark Bolton
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