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Now I'm confused cos I used the screen stretch, and it looked better on screen, so I saved as tif and the tif now looks like the screen stretched version in maxim. Isn't that then changing the data?

Or should I have taken the non screen stretched version into Photoshop and worked that with levels, curves, etc?

Here's how the same data looks in maxim when I've done the screen stretch:

I then did the save as ==> tif and when I open this tif in Photoshop, it looks like the screen stretch. See how though, in the screen stretch, it's clipped at both the min and max values? No matter what I tried, I couldn't avoid that (when using digital development filter).


edit: i've just done the stacking and digital development filter again and it now is completely different, shouldn't I be getting the same results if I'm using the same settings for both the stack and digital development filter?
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