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Basic question on multi sub processing

I've started using lightbuckets just to dip my feet into the astro imaging waters a bit more, starting out with an easy target, M42. I've done (so far):

L x 6 @ 120 seconds (1:1 bin)
R x 4 @ 120 seconds (2:2 bin)
G x 4 @ 120 seconds (2:2 bin)
B x 4 @ 120 seconds (2:2 bin)

The core is (as expected) blown with these images. I'm currently waiting on the scope being available to get some 6 second subs for the core, including some H alpha ones. Flats, bias and dark frames have all been provided too. I've got 2 sets of files to download - calibrated (where flats etc have already been applied), and RAW. I've d/l both sets, but I am using the calibrated shots.

Now - let me see if I'm working this all out right.

1) use deepskystacker to stack the subs for each type - should I output as .fits (not sure if it's available, should look)

2) digital development in Maxim DL 5 for each sub type (or use the stretch command?)

3) bring each sub type into photoshop for curves/levels

4) combine lrgb in photoshop and the rest of PP

Now, since I have Maxim DL5, I can stack in that (rather than deepskystacker), would you say that that is preferred? I've got Donald Waits DVD tutorial (slowly going through it), but so far, it hasn't really mentioned anything pre photoshop, it's all what to do when you've got it in photoshop.

I bought Maxim DL 5 with the user guide, so probably should read through that a bit more, but we all know what user guides for software are like (boring reads, generally little real world usage information).

references to good sites with tutorials on maxim dl 5 appreciated, or books, or both.


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