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Originally Posted by DavidU View Post
It looks like the Sony ICX413AQ CCD has a plain glass window from the factory (good) and the Orion folks put their own IR cut window over that. So it looks like your JPEG indeed shows a very closely spaced IR filter that is not sealed. There is no other way for dust to get in this space, I would have to have it infront of me to see how the IR filter bonding is done.
If it's under warranty send it back.
Thanks mate. I think it's out of warranty now. Not sure what to do. I think when I have finished imaging in this beautiful weather, I might pull it apart and at least investigate. If it looks too hard to do, I will leave it alone. If it is reasonably simple I will seek more advice, maybe give it a go and post a tutorial on it if appropriate.

Thanks for your input David.

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