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My good old Epson Stylus CX6500 combo has died . Dammit.

Wanted to scan a document last night but the scanner made strange sounds and then the printer died.

Tried turning it back on but the lights that usually come on at the start of the startup routine only stayed on momentarily.

Found this morning that it was able to turn it on now , and it goes through the startups normally , and I was able to print some stuff (as a test) but it died again when I tried to operate the copier mode.

Computer gurus ..... you reckon it's worth taking it to a repairer to be fixed or should just keep it as a printer until I run out ink cartridges (I've still got 2 spare blacks, and 1 or 2 of each colour to use) and buy a new Combo printer ?

( I like the looks of a and they sell for only about $300 just not sure about going from a 4 ink printer to a 6 ink printer.)
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