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The 1200mm Canon L lens is a collector's item, only 6 were ever made, and only made after each order was place and payed for (from memory) so it's not your run of the mill L lens that you can order online.

Originally Posted by rally View Post
Funny thing is you can buy an Olympus DSLR with a crop factor of 2x and a Sigma 300-800mm f5.6 lens (which BTW has absolutely superb optics) and you have a 1600mm Effective Focal Length camera and the total cost is less than $10,000.

So its not just longer FL and has the same speed but it weighs a lot less !

IMO that makes it better !

Cheers Rally
It doesn't work that way Rally because the same logic can be used for the 1200mm if you put it on a Canon 1.6x body.

Keep in mind that a crop body doesn't actually give you magnification but rather it crops the image circle to give the impression of magnification.
Crop factor is used to compare the yielding image circle of a camera body as compared to a full frame body that's all.
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