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Originally Posted by AlexN View Post
4. Im a bit stuck with this one.... Celestron 'The Sky' software tells me its NCG6629, Starry Night Pro Plus (6.2) tells me there is no such object....

Going on what I saw, its very hard to tell what it was, Perhaps a small planetary nebula or a distant galaxy.. its really hard to tell and the wonderful thing about that is that the celestron software said the same thing, either or. This object was found once again by blindly slewing the scope around with the 30mm ep. Adding the UHC-E into the mix definitely made it stand out more. however I could still not make out enough detail to even have an educated guess at what it was...
Interesting reading Alex

NGC 6629 is indeed a planetary nebula, with a magnitude of around 11, depending on the source. It is listed as such in many catalogues (SIMBAD gives 21 identifiers). The fact that the UHC-E filter made it stand out more is a pretty reliable indication that what you were looking at was a PN as opposed to a galaxy, since galaxies are usually continuum emitters (they emit many wavelengths across the spectrum) and do not benefit much from UHC type filters.
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