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Hi Eric,

If you are going to sell it then sell it. Maybe dont be too hasty though. It's a new camera and it just may take some time to get used to it. I may be wrong but i reckon someone with your skills once they mastered the camera would go far beyond what you acheived with the 350D. Just my 2 cents

As far as red is concerned, here is my version of Eta with the SBIG. I actually added some blue to this so i reckon Eta is red, red, red.


I agree with Suzy, have you tried it with a UV/IR blocking filter. Maybe you didnt need it on the 350D but need it on the 40D.

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350 D's are long gone. DSLR focus is a commercial program so the author will release a version for the 400D, 450D, 40D etc at some time in the future simpy to make money.

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