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Astrophotography Equipment Checklist

I seem to presage most of my posts with "This will sound like a stupid question..." but i'm getting used to that, and this is another one!

I'm just getting my head around all the pieces i need to start up some piggy-back astrophotography, and just wanted some advice as to whether im on the right track....

Here's what i can work out:

- Telescope (C8-SGT)
- Camera (Canon EOS 400D)
- Attachment piece for camera to scope (advice here?)
- eyepiece with cross hairs for manual tracking through main optic (advice here?)
- Laptop
- DSLR Focus
- Cable for connecting camera to laptop for using DSLR Focus (can these be bought in Australia?)
- remote shutter control for camera
- external power source for camera (12 V?)
- Processing software (Photoshop and ImagePlus)

Any extra advice, tips or hints would be greatly appreciated!
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