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Originally Posted by Zubenel View Post
Hey Ron and all , I was amazed and dismayed all at once when I looked through the KSON UHC filter at the Veil nebula! Amazed at the starkly brighter image that was immediately noticeable and dismayed that the Koreans had clearly knocked the German Astronomik UHC filter from the top. The brighter threads of this Supernova remnant started to bring on photgraphic qualities. I'm currently processing an image I let run of the Veil through KSON UHC filter when we went in for coffee. to be posted If I didn't already have a UHC filter I'd be scrambling!!I wonder what their O3 is like?
Wes,I also have an 2"0111,if I didn't have one I surely would be interested in purchasing a KSon.
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