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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
Last Night,Saturday 31/08/19 I tried out my Kson 2" UHC filter on Wes Smith's 20" Dob (Zamar).
To say I am impressed is an understatement.
It out performed another very well known UHC filter discussed on
this forum.
The detail on the Veil Nebula (NGC's 6960,6992) was fantastic.
What was hinted at in the other filter was plainly seen in this filter.
Comparisons was achieved through different eyepieces and all put the Kson 2"
to the fore.
This filter cost less than a third the price of some of the high end brands and to me it was well worth the money
Wes,(Zubenel) may want to comment further.
I purchased the filter from a New kid on the block "Astro Dog"
A Brisbane based online shop
Discussed in this thread.
Post #17 by Alex (mentalf4astro)
Asolutely first class service,delivery was very prompt.
The packageing was maybe just a little exstravegant but it did also come with a little free gift.
All in all a well worth buy.
Will definitely consider them again if a need arises.
Hi Ron , even though I have Tak And Baader diagonals I purchased an el cheapo from them for a friend and it is excellent, with near spot on collimation (most diagonals arent)
If someone is after a good diagonal and short on funds , get one from them , my friend is happy ..esp the jellybeans!
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