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Originally Posted by netwolf View Post
John what aboug Fuji xt2 or xt3?
Thanks for that - was not aware of this camera. Wonder how it does with timelapse for Astro?

DP review conclusion just googled:

The X-T3's most direct rival is the Sony a6500: another APS-C mirrorless camera able to shoot stills and 4K video. The Fujifilm wins out comfortably, for us. Autofocus performance is broadly comparable across the two cameras (though the Sony's Eye-AF system is better), but the operation and handling of the X-T3 is much better, as are its video capabilities. You'll miss out on the in-body stabilization of the a6500, but Fujifilm's array of lenses helps make the whole system more attractive.

The Nikon D500 is another obvious point of comparison. The DSLR would still be our choice for sports, action or wildlife photography but for most other photography, the X-T3's smaller size, higher resolution, attractive output and vastly better video make it the stronger option (though users of heavy lenses may prefer the D500's grip). Depending on your needs, the Fujifilm may have a wider choice of well-matched lenses than the Nikon.

Putting up more fierce competition is the Sony a7 III which, for a fair chunk more money, offers the step up in image quality that full-frame can bring, as well as in-body image stabilization and a larger grip. The X-T3 is arguably nicer to shoot and actually out-performs the 8-bit video of the Sony but it can't compete with its image quality or fully match the Sony's AF performance. However, the Fujifilm is less expensive and smaller, especially if you factor in the lenses you might want, so it depends on your priorities.

The X-T3's impressive video puts it into competition with the Panasonic GH5 and GH5S. The Panasonic pair certainly have better video support features (waveform display, uploadable LUTs for corrected displays, shutter angle control, 4:2:2 internal capture), but the Eterna color mode, along with the ability to shoot 10-bit at 60p are powerful counter-arguments. The larger sensor and more dependable AF even give the X-T3 the edge in some respects. And if you want to shoots stills too, it's a clear win to the Fujifilm.
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