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I'd go Sony a7 iii.

It has the best low light performance of all of them, is a BSI cutting edge sensor, less resolution than the Nikon.

Its probably a lot cheaper than a D850. D850 sensor is about the same as the Sony A7r3 (the Nikon may be using a Sony sensor - its not really known).

I believe Sony video is way more advanced than either Canon or Nikon, it has IBIS, full sensor readout and slow mo. There are various log type formats to boost dynamic range. Digital zooming as well.
IBIS is vital for video as jittery video is awful and Sony IBIS is now 2nd generation. It stabilises the sensor so even non Sony lenses are stabilised with it. Canikon don't have IBIS for some reason.

I don't think there is much contest really when it comes to video. Canon started it with the 5D2 then went off the rails with later models.

A7iii is a fraction of the size, has equal or better AF system, is of course very small and light and the lens selection is wide plus often the Sony or Zeiss lenses are best in class being a modern design.

Plus for Nikon and possibly the Canon is built in intervalometer- the Sony needs an external intervalometer, but they are only $40 or so.

Canon is the default choice for astro people but Canon has been sitting on its laurels for some time now and arguably have fallen behind a long way.

Nikon did an amazing job with the D850 but once you use a mirrorless camera it will still feel like a dinosaur. Much like Nokia lost its top spot Canikon are in danger of losing theirs. Sony has already knocked Nikon off 2nd spot.

The A7iii will outclass both those cameras in many ways, not the least is eye detect AF which again once you use it for portraits you would not want to be without it. The Sony A7r3 is a step beyond D850 as good as it is (I don't think its that great for video). The 5D4 is not even close to either the Sony's, not close at all.

D850 and 5D4 are probably near the pinnacle of DSLR design. But the point is the market is moving more towards the inherent advantages of the mirrorless design. Mirrors are simply no longer needed and add a lot of complexity, noise, vibration, size and weight that is not useful unless you prefer an optical viewfinder (there are some who do).
An OVF is useless for nightscapes and astro. An EVF makes focusing at night very easy as EVFs can see in the dark.

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