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Canon 5D MarkIV vs Nikon D850

Hi everyone,

I am considering a DSLR purchase to be used for widefield astrophotography (timelapse and still) and for scuba diving (4k movies and stills - low light sensitivity is important)

Looking at these two cameras which appear to have come down in cost - Canon is as low as $3300 - and the Nikon as low as $4200 - it's time to consider the pros and cons.

From the research I have done the extra $900 for the Nikon provides un-cropped 4K movies and double the battery life but it's slightly heavier and has more pixels albeit smaller ones.

So the saving I will get with the Canon will go towards a $1500 scuba case and something like a 14mm or 16mm lens.

For timelapse and widefiled astro fields, what are everyone's thoughts on these two cameras?

Clear skies.

John K.
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