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Novichok test rabbit

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I don't use a QHY, but I just retried the technique above but selected an SBIG ST2000XCM - not my camera, but DSS only offers 2 SBIG options (maybe they have anewer program since I have not used it in 2 years).

It took 6 minutes to process the subs. In the end, I have STRONG horizontal banding in the pixel rows of bright stars. Destroys the image. You can see the detail, but MASSIVE black banding. I redid it with a generic bayer matrix (my first matrix arrangment was correct for a change). Exact same banding. See image below (these are all H-a filtered OSC, so just ignore the histogram)

I don't get any of that if I do it inCCDStack, MaxIM or PI. DSS still does not handle OSC very well at all. Maybe QHY - you might get lucky!

The second image is what CCDStack puts out (all files debayered prior to stacking). CCDStack embeds the channel profiles, so it will appear grey scale. You can extract the colour information in PS etc.
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