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Help Needed Please - processing OSC images

It's been quite a long while since I used a proper OSC CCD but I bit the bullet recently and bought a QHY10. On the face of it, a decent enough CCD although it does have some iniosyncracies but that's not the concern here.

I image with Maxim mainly so I can easily do plate solving and move from object to object quickly. So my images are saved as FITS and are saved in raw format. In Maxim they're greyscale and have a marked grid-appearance which I understand is the Bayer Matrix.

I've been trying to process these images and getting some unhappy results. I've been using DeepSky Stacker and have been using the full suite of darks, flats and bias frames.

But getting some decent results out of that is where I'm coming unstuck.

I have Photoshop CS6.

Could anyone suggest a process flow to deal with these images please.

That would help me a lot.

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