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Nightscapes have different requirements from a lens than terrestial in my opinion.

F1.4 is usually unworkable in nightscapes as almost always lenses have bad chromatic aberration wide open at F1.4 unless its the new Zeiss Otus 55mm for $4,000.

I had the cheaper 50mm Canon and 2 Nikon 50mm versions and I found the Nikon and Canon to be indistinguishable in a loose test.

What is also handy is an aperture ring so I like my old Nikon 50mm F1.8D for that in case you end up wanting to use the lens on an astronomy CCD at some point. Aperture control then is important but you can always use step down rings to gain that smaller aperture if needed.

Unless you mainly want it for daytime imaging and want the subject isolation F1.4 can give then the cheaper one should be plenty good.

Sharpness at night is far less important than no distortions and no chromatic aberration. All lenses seem sharp at night! Chromatic aberration and coma is what stands out.

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