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I probably shouldn't highjack this thread, but would like to know from Gary if there are any plans in the future for a 'new' Argo Navis. By this I mean with stuff like LCD screens, Lithium ion batteries, smaller chipsets, touchscreens; have there been any considerations from the Argonavis team to re-design a whole new Argo? Maybe a smaller unit with added features such as a logging capabilties of what one has observed that night, standby?

I appreciate a whole re-design would cost a bucket to r/d and there is the old adage saying 'if it aint broke don't touch...'.

Don't get me wrong, the Argo is a bloody brilliant product and makes me personally proud that its an Australian product to boot. I could definitely see a market for amateurs to upgrade if one was available.

Cheers Norm

PS: Does the AN forum talk about the history of the AN and how and why it came about?

If this is not the appropriate thread I will create new one.
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