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Originally Posted by Screwdriverone View Post
Hi Suzy,

As the Saxon 10" dob SHOULD be a Skywatcher with a different name stencilled on it...all you have to do is take the 1.25" adaptor, unscrew the barrel that holds the eyepiece and you will (should) be left with a flange that has a screw thread on the outside that then screws INTO the T thread on the T-Ring. Pop that onto the DSLR and away you go!

The 1.25" adaptor with the barrel removed is sufficiently low profile to enable you to reach focus with using a DSLR. Its only when you want to use a 2" MPCC or barlow etc, you will run into issues. I solved mine with a special low profile 2" focuser adaptor that screws DIRECTLY onto the focuser tube and eliminates the skywatcher adaptor completely.

So i have a 6" skywatcher dob. all i need is a canon eos tring to attach my camera if i remove to 1.25" adapter. Is this right, because that will save some cash
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