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Hi Suzy,

Umm, no, while the 2" UWA adaptor allows you to connect your camera directly to the 2" focuser adaptor, the problem will still be the HEIGHT of the 2" adaptor that comes standard on the Skywatcher/Saxon newts. Its about 2 inches tall and that means that with this 2" UWA TRing thingy you mention, you wont be able to reach inward focus as the 2" focuser adaptor is TOO TALL. (as per JJJ's comments)

However, with the 1.25" adaptor and the barrel removed as per my photos, you should be able to reach focus. As Steve mentioned, you will get closer to the objects at prime focus so without any tracking, you will easily get blurry stars even on relatively short subs. With your video mode on the 1100D though, you can set up the scope to let Jupiter or Saturn "slide" by the sensor and capture about 30 secs of data which you can then stack like I did before I got my HEQ5/8" newt combo.

If you CRANK the ISO up above 1600 you MAY get some nebulosity on M8/M20/M42, but you will be limited to a few seconds due to the speed of the earth's rotation at 1200mm+ Focal length.

The thing is, without tracking, you wont get much, however, planets are still a possibility and short subs can be tested. A T ring is better, if you buy an MPCC which fits into the T ring like the 1.25 adaptor does in my photos, as the MPCC becomes the 2" barrel anyway.

Here is the thread of mine that shows the focuser adaptor I bought which is SUPER low profile ($80 AUD delivered from the UK) and this REPLACES the Skywatcher adaptors completely and screws into the focuser tube, so I no longer have focus issues with the 2" MPCC fitted into the DSLR. If you do buy the 2" UWA, you would probably have to get one of these adaptors I got, in order to use it with its 2" barrel.

Hope this helps, I dont think what hubby mentioned is gunna work with the standard 2" focuser adaptor on the scope, so a standard T ring and the 1.25" adaptor (with the barrel removed) should and will allow you planets and maybe some DSO attempts depending on tracking (which you can do with your hand and with the finderscope to a limited degree...but it will be hard using an ALT-AZ dob.). If you had a equatorial platform, then tracking could be in one axis, but then its getting up there with the buggerising around factor, you may as well just adapt the DOB tub to an EQ6 and be done with it.... More money as usual.....

Good luck


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