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Hi Suzy,

What JJJ mentions is not technically correct I think.

When I had my 12" dob and my current 8" newt, I CAN reach focus with a DSLR using simply a T-ring and the 1.25" eyepiece adaptor.

As the Saxon 10" dob SHOULD be a Skywatcher with a different name stencilled on it...all you have to do is take the 1.25" adaptor, unscrew the barrel that holds the eyepiece and you will (should) be left with a flange that has a screw thread on the outside that then screws INTO the T thread on the T-Ring. Pop that onto the DSLR and away you go!

The 1.25" adaptor with the barrel removed is sufficiently low profile to enable you to reach focus with using a DSLR. Its only when you want to use a 2" MPCC or barlow etc, you will run into issues. I solved mine with a special low profile 2" focuser adaptor that screws DIRECTLY onto the focuser tube and eliminates the skywatcher adaptor completely.

I have attached pics of the 1.25" adaptor, the barrel removed, the T ring screwed on and then the whole combo that gets attached to my 1000D (same as your 1100D effectively).

This is what I first used when I got my 12" and 8" dob and CAN take photos in focus with it, albeit with some pretty bad coma around the edges of the frame, hence the need for an MPCC....

Give it a go, if you dont have a T ring, then you wont be able to, so you will have to go and buy one of those, $29-$49 depending on where you get them from. Just make sure its one for a Canon camera. Sirius Optics (I think where you buy your gear from?) has a T ring for $49.95.

Hope this helps, let me know if this is not clear.


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