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Thor's Helmet

Hi folks,

Pickings have been slim so far this season. I haven't done a DSO sketch since October last year. So this offering is of the second sketch I did at IISAC last year.

This was my first view of Thor's Helmet (thanks Greg, ). While transperancy wasn't perfect, I was surprised at how easy it was to make out the double bubble feature in the middle of the crown. Yet I couldn't quite make out the fainter extensions that extend in the opposite from the pictured plumes. A consequence of the lacking transperancy.

Object: Thor's Helmet, NGC 2359
Scope: 17.5" push-pull dob
Gear: 16mm Konig, 125X, and OIII filter
Date: 30th October, 2011
Location: Lostock, NSW, Oz during IISAC '11
Media: white pastel and charcoal pencils on A4 black paper.
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