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I know of neither so just a general comment.

Neither are ideal for your 2000mm focal length as the pixels are a bit small but the 14 megapixel Sony sensored QHY12 seems better than either.
One shot colour cameras still need a clear UV/IR cut filter in front or you will get bloat from the IR. The cover slip on the CCD will only be antireflection coated (I hope it is at least).

A 14 megapixel Sony HAD chip in an APS sized cooled sensor sounds very appealling. And under $3000 is very impressive. Its new, it modern, its hip. There is no mention of the QE of these cameras. Does anyone know? I imagine its around 25% which is very low. Most mono cameras now are around 55-60%.

MX25C is good but a bit old now. Isn't it also about only about 6-8 megapixels?

I wonder how much the QHY15 and 16 are? Also the QHY 11 with the KAI11002 chip could be good as that is the same sensor as the SBIG STL11 at a lower price.

Connections whilst it may seem a small point can mess you up badly. I have to repair my SBIG ST402 as it has a weak power connector which has caused endless trouble. Its not that easy to replace yourself as it has a clip soldered to the circuit as well. As pointed out a bit of velcro may help but its a shame such an important part of the camera has been compromised with a bit of careless design.

The adjustable tilt on the chip is a nice feature.

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