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Mosaics in Photoshop

Hi guys,
I think a photoshop tip thread is a great idea! So here's my 2c worth. Some may think it is basic but I'm hoping someone might appreciate it. Many of the lunar images in the yearbook, over the years, have been done this way.




1 Open the first image and expand the canvas to a size to cover the whole Mosaic
IMAGE > CANVAS SIZE. Move the image to its correct position (drag the square) before resizing (width and Height)

2. Open second image SELECT > ALL

3. SELECT > MODIFY (specify border between 5 – 10 pixels)

4. SELECT > FEATHER (enter same number of pixels as 3. above)



7. Close window and EDIT > PASTE into your first image you resized. A new layer will be automatically created on top of the original.

8. LAYER > LAYER OPTIONS. set opacity level to 50%.

9. Merge images to your satisfaction using the “Move Tool” and if necessary Rotate using LAYER > TRANSFORM > ROTATE.Then set opacity back to 100%

10. Repeat steps 2 to 9 for remaining images

11. Using IMAGE > ADJUST > CONTRAST/BRIGHTNESS or CURVES Match the appearance of the layers (remember to “click” the layer you wish to adjust).

12. Save document as a Photoshop document (to allow you to return to it if necessary)

13. Flatten Image LAYER > FLATTEN IMAGE. You can no longer modify individual layers, however you can now crop (using IMAGE > CROP) and process image (eg. IMAGE > ADJUST > Contrast/Brightness) as a whole and saved in whatever format you need ie. FILE > SAVE AS (then Tif).
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