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ok, here are a few others I use. Geez I feel like I'm coming clean on some of the tricks.

Capslock key will change your pointer into accuracy mode (target cross hairs). Great for highlight masks and other features. Push it again to change it back.

When you are working with layers that aren't aligned and you want to align them, press and hold the control key... it will change the current too into the move too until released.

Control +/- will resize the image. Control 0 or any other key will active fit to screen function

Control+J duplicates the currently selected layer.

When using the a select tool - say the elliptical marquee tool, hold down the space bar to move the selection around. This makes it easier to frame aspects of the image i.e. a halo/reflection of a star you wish to remove.

A request for a CS2/CS3 user... can you create an adjustment layer on a layer mask (say reveal all mask for instance)?
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