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Reprocessed M8

Originally Posted by Startrek View Post
Your imaging from almost Bortle 9 skies there in the inner City , so a Duoband filter would definitely help with emission nebula like M8 ( donít need filters for globular clusters )
Still a good effort from where you are and Startools should be able to bring out more in your data
Do you stack your subs using Deep Sky Stacker ( free) ? If so then your halfway there. Iíve been using Startools for 3 years from Bortle 7/8 suburban with great results
What version of Startools are you using ?
If your interested, pm your email address and I can send my procedures for Deep Sky Stacker for Startools and Startools workflows to get you on your feet
Happy to offer help where I can
Hi Martin,

I am using Startools 1.6.4 and DSS to stack and process. I will ask for your procedures as it is possible to get wildly different results using a different workflow and different masks, see my re-processed M8.

I do have a UHC filter but don't like using it as it gives a green cast to everything. I also have a 6nm Ha filter which I will use next. If i shoot 50 % with this and 50 % colour and mix then I may get far better details.

I am just getting back into imaging after a lapse of many years

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