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Originally Posted by Dilsh View Post
Hey Adam,

Newbie astrophotographer dad's perspective much appreciated.

That makes sense. I have to keep telling myself to keep it simple. There is so much information out there you feel yourself going down a rabbit hole. Ok EQ6-r ED80 and DSLR, I will restrict myself to that.

Thanks mate

Good stuff.

There's enough to learn without trying to learn everything at once. Just aligning the mount (polar and single/double/triple stars) is easier on paper than the actual experience.

I went into a store last weekend, and the salesguy told me to go for my first shoot prepared for disappointment; things never go right the first time. And boy was he right!
Keep a positive attitude and try to learn from your mistakes.

I write down the things I need to improve as I make an error or can't figure something out.
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