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Originally Posted by AdamJL View Post
If you're anything like me (newbie and dad of 2 as well!), don't bite off more than you can chew
Flattener is great but baby steps first! I have the ED80 and the EQ6-R. The mount is a lot to learn by itself, let alone all the software bits and bobs people will start recommending.
Most of the software looks like it was written in the 1980s. Smart programmers yes, but an eye for useable design and engaging GUI? Nope. They're all mostly a mess.

Start off with the mount, controller, and ED80, then progress as you get confident.

Saying that as someone who didn't do it that way but probably should have!
Hey Adam,

Newbie astrophotographer dad's perspective much appreciated.

That makes sense. I have to keep telling myself to keep it simple. There is so much information out there you feel yourself going down a rabbit hole. Ok EQ6-r ED80 and DSLR, I will restrict myself to that.

Thanks mate

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