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Hi Gary,
Sorry about the late reply I have been busy this weekend and missed your post.
The Pi will connect to the Netgear (I use the 5GHz band as this does not interfere with the USB3 ports). The Netgear then connects to the House network via 2.4Ghz as that is best for longer distances. I set a static IP for the Pi so I can always connect via RealVNC (works well if you use Raspian) from the house PC or laptop. I found connecting the Pi to the Netgear via ethernet was useful to allow easy config of the wireless if you are running headless. Once wifi is all set up you can dispense with the the ethernet cable.
The Netgear also is good in the field as you just connect to it (without internet) and then again VNC in from laptop as the Netgear can broadcast quite far I can manage the scope from the car or clubhouse etc. I used Team Viewer and No Machine when I was running ubuntu but Real VNC seems to work better in Raspian.
I bought it a few years ago and am suprised that it has not been superceded
After all that it's just a matter of experimentation to get the best signal from the Netgear to the house.
Hope that all makes sense.

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