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Hi Gary
I have one of these but only use it indoors (down in a cellar). It gives much better bandwidth than a ethernet over powerline in my use-case. It just works as an extender. The only way you will find out is to buy it and see if it is suitable.
Unfortunately I have noticed a sort of "buyer beware" going on recently (JBHiFi, Officeworks and Computer Alliance) which is a warning from the staff that if you break the security seal on the box they may not accept a return unless it is faulty. So check with the staff first that you can return it if it is not suitable for your purpose.
As I said in an earlier post the Netgear EX6200 works well for me in a nearly identical setting. My impression is that its range is greater than the TP link. I use my extender outside but use a waterproof enclosure just in case of rain but dew is not a problem as it runs warm (as does the TP link).
However Bojan's suggestion is the cheapest

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