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Damien & Nick
the whole house is wifi - the fact that the router has lots of ethernet ports was not taken in to account when I bought it - I simply wanted the strongest wifi possible. The house is over a 100 years old (renovated of course) but there is not much room under the house as a crawl space - last time we had some plumbing done underneath, the apprentice was sent and got stuck for half an hour - much to the amusement of his boss. I'm not even going to try!! I think my best bet is to get a sacrificial 8 year old to crawl under and grab an ethernet cable I poke through the floor :-)

I have tried linking my main pc to the laptop that will go in the obs, as well as sharing internet. It wasn't too hard. Will probably get a 50 metre outdoor rated ethernet cable to try. Having looked at some wifi gear prices, the $50 for cable is looking better!

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