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You could add another RT-Ac88u to your network to be used purely as an additional Wi-Fi access point. Asus have their own proprietary Wi-Fi meshing protocol so that would seamlessly extend your Wi-Fi network. So if you could get the second router in a position where it is as close as possible to the observatory you may achieve a strong enough signal to have a connection. If that is the case you could install a wireless access point configured as a wireless bridge at the observatory to give you a stronger connection and enable you to connect multiple devices.

An alternative would be to run an Ethernet line from your router up the wall and in to the roof and then out the eave at the closest point to the observatory and then continue on the observatory. That may be a shorter run and I suspect more reliable than sharing it from your PC. Even if you use external Cat6 I would recommend putting it in a conduit.
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