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Processing Programs of Choice

Hi all.

Been a long time and due to the lovely COVID restrictions I'm thinking of jumping back into some basic photography.
The only real program I used (after stacking) or was familiar with was photoshop. Now that the lovely people at Adobe have decided to only have monthly subscriptions, they can forget it! Over the last few yrs I've upgraded to a Macbook pro. My older retired windows laptop did have photoshop included but I have no passkey etc and the transition to a mac probably wouldn't make it possible anyways (and I'm just not that keen to use photoshop again).
As I've been out of the game for sometime, I just wondering what a majority of folks here are using these days as I'm sure there are many that were left dumbfounded by adobe's decision.
I was considering using Startools. Pixinsight seems like a good choice also but from the information I have read online this seems a little too advanced for my liking.
I don't know if a pending choice should be based in the type of AP being carried out?
I'll be doing wide field AP with my 1st Gen iOptron skytracker. And hopefully one day I'll pull the trigger on a semi decent Refractor for some DSO's and visual.
Probably not really relevant, but I'm looking into purchasing Luminar 4 soon for my general photography. Wondering If any folks here have used for any AP processing? I highly doubt this would suffice for any decent AP work but worth asking I guess.
Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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